Gary Hemphill

Gary A. Hemphill is Managing Director of Research at Beverage Marketing Corporation. In that role, he directs the company’s extensive information products and services, consisting of comprehensive North American beverage databases, Market Reports, Directories, State Tracking Services and customized information consulting projects.

Mr. Hemphill has worked to develop and manage two beverage databases: DrinkIntell, the only comprehensive U.S. beverage database; and the All-Channel Database, the only detailed channel analysis beverage database. In addition, he has created and maintained proprietary beverage industry information systems for clients in the U.S. and Canada -- helping to provide clients with the overall insights they need to make their strategic, planning and marketing decisions that are critical to their success.

Beverage Marketing publishes more than 30 industry-standard Market Reports and directories that cover the multiple beverage markets. The company’s wide range of respected U.S. reports cover soft drinks, bottled water, milk, beer, fruit beverages, New Age and functional beverages, wine, spirits, beverage packaging and more. In addition, the company publishes a select group of international reports targeting key growth markets. He has also worked to create a Canadian bottled water tracking service.

Mr. Hemphill has more than 25 years experience in the beverage industry. Previously, he served as editor of the trade publication Beverage Industry and he also directed new product publicity for the Pepsi-Cola Company where he contributed to a range of assignments. Previous to those positions, Mr. Hemphill held various newspaper writing and editing positions.

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February 5, 2018

2:00 PM

Room: TBA

What is America Drinking? U.S. Market Trends

The U.S. beverage landscape has gotten increasingly complex.  New segments are emerging along with many new brands and companies.  Some mainstream categories are struggling.  Consumers are growing more discerning – demanding just the right product for the right occasion in just the right package.  Learn about an ever-changing marketplace and opportunities in this thought-provoking presentation. Find out which categories are growing which ones are not, and why with a first look at 2017 data.