Janice Meraglia

Ms. Meraglia has a wealth of business experience spanning several decades.  Her career was in finance where she was a Global CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) and Senior Vice President of four credit businesses at Lehman Brothers.  In her roles there, she built a reputation as the person to remove obstacles and build relationships bridging departments across the trading floors.

Since 2009, Ms. Meraglia established a thought leadership role within DoD and non-DoD Federal Agencies focused on supply chain risk management or SCRM.  With particular focus on the electronic industry, Ms. Meraglia has also developed a series of cyber physical strategies to ensure against the introduction of malicious components into mission critical applications.

Ms. Meraglia has a collaborative approach with customers to achieve security goals.  She develops actionable plans using existing SigNature® DNA products and, when necessary, leading the scientific team to create new products. 

Ms. Meraglia has been the program lead for a number of DLA Log R&D projects which resulted in the current DNA Marking Program at DLA’s Electronics Product Test Center in Columbus, OH.  She is also the relationship lead with recently completed OSD and MDA contracts which are now moving towards commercialization.  Ms. Meraglia is also the senior lead on a number of non-DoD programs which are not in the public domain.

Under a broad based government contract, Ms. Meraglia and her team were challenged to develop turnkey marking and authentication solutions that could be universally deployed across almost all industries.  This work had led to the recently announcement collaboration with Videojet Technologies Inc. With her leadership, Applied DNA is now introducing DNA inkjet marking onto items and packaging.  In addition, the marks can now be analyzed in-field supporting end-to-end supply chain traceability.

Ms. Meraglia has published white papers independently and through SAE and is an active member of many industry associations.  She is a frequent speaker at government and industry events.

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February 6, 2018

11:30 AM

Room: TBA

Molecular Tagging of Packages as the Foundation for Authentication Solutions

In order to satisfy today’s growing packaging challenges and comply with emerging industry rules requiring traceability back to a product’s origin, novel technology solutions are needed.  These advanced solutions must be interoperable, scalable and cost-effective to ensure industry adoption.  

Packages can include part markings to aid in batch identification.  Printed data matrix codes enable a group of alphanumeric information to be encoded into a single two-dimensional symbol.  Serialization markings can be added to allow for the individualized tracking of a registered item that includes traceability back to its origin.  None of these methods, however, can assure absolute authenticity since all have been subjected to counterfeiting. 

Applied DNA Sciences has partnered with Videojet Technologies and incorporated its proprietary SigNature® molecular tags into the CIJ printing method, providing brand owners a turnkey, high-volume authentication solution.  Customized and unique, SigNature® molecular tags are at the foundation of a tag, test and track quality platform called CertainT®.  This platform empowers brand owners to conduct in-field authentication inspections along the supply chain.  These authentication events provide rich data that brand owners can analyze to better understand their customers and distribution channels.

This presentation will focus on how the technology works and is deployed in other industries.  If allowable at the time of the conference, engagement with commercial customers specific to packaging will be shared.