Mike Krebsbach

Mike is a leader with over 20 years of successful experience in brand building, innovation and P&L management. In his current role as vice president of marketing, Mike oversees all aspects of marketing for Bemis North America, including business intelligence, customer engagement and innovation, and marketing communications. Mike’s role is a catalyst to deliver long-term, profitable growth and process excellence.

Mike began working for Bemis in 2015, following marketing roles at Kraft and Kimberly Clark. In his work at Bemis, he is able to leverage customer and category insights to ensure robust opportunities for customer growth, identify emerging channel opportunities, and build plans and capabilities to address them.  Mike holds a master’s degree in marketing, and has been honored with an Effie Gold, Reggie Gold, and Kalypso Student of Innovation awards.

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February 7, 2018

9:00 AM

Room: TBA

The Retail Landscape is Fragmented: Thinking Differently about Packaging can Unlock Growth in Emerging Retail Channels

Are you thinking differently about how packaging can unlock growth in emerging retail channels?  Driven by changes in the economy and modern consumer purchasing habits, the retail marketplace is rapidly evolving. Emerging and growing channels like value/dollar stores, C-stores, club stores and e-commerce require you to take a new approach to packaging your products. Learn about the keys to success. 

Success requires understanding of these retail channels, their consumers, their supply chain differences and how they impact packaging.  Some key considerations are shelf depth, aisle size, backroom storage capacity, shelf impact, retail ready packaging, package failure risk, optimizing package size to price and consumer product use.  

Learn how packaging which is designed specifically to address these considerations in each retail channel can improve your opportunity for success and growth.