Karl Swanson

Karl Swanson is ebeam Technologies’ Vice President of Global Sales, and is a frequent speaker and author on ebeam technology and its impact in specific industries.

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February 7, 2017

4:00 PM

Room: TBA

Electron Beam Offer Packaging Benefits

Food package converter interest in ebeam technology continues to flourish, for two key reasons.  First, it holds the promise of offering a more powerful, safer and more cost effective alternative to thermal drying and UV curing solutions.  Second, thanks to inroads by ebeam system designers like ebeam Technologies and partnerships with a myriad of coating, ink and adhesives formulators, new ebeam inks, coatings and applications have been discovered and continue to emerge. 

Primarily a  technology tied to offset printing, ebeam curing solutions now exist for flexographic and gravure printing inks and coatings, and emerging ebeam use in curing digital inkjet materials has produced significant interest and offers strong growth potential. 

This presentation looks more closely at how ebeam technology is becoming an important and beneficial cure option within digital inkjet package converting operations.